Time-travel – then and now

Guess what… I love old decayed buildings 😛 I’m always searching for history about the places I’ve visited and sometimes there is a lot to learn behind all these lovely buildings. People have asked me more than once what the stories behind these places are. I wish I could post it all out in public but unfortunately that is not an option! A lot of things changed ever since I’ve started with this hobby. A few years ago we could spend hours, days, weeks and sometimes even months to find a location. Nowadays you have less than a week before it’s completely trashed, smashed, stolen from and locked. Some of the people that are responsible for this also name themselves urbexers but they are not. They are the reason why I do not post information or history about the locations I’ve visited. I do however think I’ve found a way to try and let you see what it looked like in the glory days and what it looks like now.

Full report Chateau de la Foret.


Full report Chateau the Noisy.


Full report Chateau Notenboom.


Full report Maison de Viron.


Full report Chateau Rouge.



Full report Gravestone Church.


Full report Chambre du commerce.


Full report Grand hotel Regnier.


Full report Chateau Secession.


Full report Chateau Lumiere.



Full report Chateau des Singes.


Full report of a few fails 😉


Full report Chateau des Faisans.


Full report Chateau Zakspeed.


Full report Chateau d’Ah.


Full report Alla Italia.


Full report Chateau Cavalier.


Full report Schloss V.


Full report Agnes Dei.


Full report Chartreuse.


Full report Overlook hotel.


Full report Chateau Rochendaal.