Chateau Lumiere

Chateau Lumiere

Urbex report Chateau Lumiere.


5 thoughts on “Chateau Lumiere”

  • Can I ask why you do this,it’s very interesting,I love ur pictures ,are there stories to these pictures,I would love to read stories,very interesting,u take very good pictures

  • Are u ever scared to walk around taking these pictures? I’m sorry to ask questions just love looking at ur pictures,I wish I could go with and just explore ,

    • Hello Linda πŸ™‚

      Why I do this is a bit hard to explain. I just love decay, the feeling walking into history, thinking about what happened in these places etc. Sometimes there are stories to be found but I never post them online only to try and protect these locations. And yes sometimes I’m scared but my curiosity almost always wins πŸ˜‰

  • Hoi Angelique,

    Daar ben ik weer!
    Ik wil je nog even laten weten dat je prachtige foto’s maakt, zowel urbex als natuur etc.
    Ook deze serie is weer schitterend!

    Wendy Nooijen

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