The number 1 question I receive once or twice a day is: Where is that location. After the massive attack on urbex locations IΒ want toΒ try and explain why I do not share or trade locations. The before and after samples speak for themselves and will show you my reasons. I’ve used images from various urbexers including myself. If you want me to remove your image or credit you please let me know.

ChateauVerdureLecolier101 VerdureAfter
ChateauVerdureLecolier106 VerdureAfter2
PaterNoster101 PaterNosterAfter
VironBefore VironAfter
PrisonH19Before PrisonH19After
Before1 After1
ChateauLumiere103 10606473_968338513188436_5432915089668812498_n
Β AnnaLBefore AnnaLAfter


Feel free to share, lets hope this will stop at some point…
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6 thoughts on “Before and after…”

  1. Bedankt voor het maken van deze pagina. One (or two) picture says more than a thousand words

  2. This truly saddens my heart, every time I see that somewhere I have been and loved has been damaged. I cannot comprehend the mentality of this. We all photograph these locations for our love of the abandoned, to destroy and damage them is something I will never understand

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, I do not understand why people do this and I will never understand.

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