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Everything that didn’t fit into other categories like quotes, cemetery’s, architecture, night and conceptual photography.

12 February 2020 / 🔹 VARIOUS

My interest for this started a very long time ago but I kept it asleep untill my boys where old enough to deal with moms passion for this 😉. I want to thank the people that have put their trust in me to work with their beloved pets, I feel honored and happy to have helped you memorialize your pets in a special way. 
Some people will see the beauty in this but I  do understand this post is not for everyone, any negative comments will be deleted out of respect for the owners and their pets 🙏🏻. 

Please note that I could never hurt or kill an animal! What you find on this page is a collection of memorialized pets and my personal collection that is either found or donated to me and died a natural cruelty free death. What I’m trying to do is to give these cuties some kind of forever life since nature was so merciless to them… I want to prevent them from rotting away somewhere. Feel free to contact me if you want your pet to be memorialised.

22 May 2018 / 🔹 VARIOUS
22 December 2017 / 🔹 VARIOUS
18 October 2017 / 🔹 VARIOUS

Photography that doesn’t fit into other galleries.
Pictures in this gallery are from 2000 till now. A little side note: 80% of the pictures in this gallery are made with lensbaby lenses or the primoplan vintage lens ❤︎.

15 April 2017 / 🔹 VARIOUS
17 January 2017 / 📌 URBEX
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