About yours truly.

I was born on a foggy evening 23rd September in the Netherlands. My real name is Angelique but friends and family call me Liek. I’ve never followed the crowd, love all kinds of people but I have a problem with people that don’t have their own opinion and I hate it if people don’t tell me what they really think, better yet how they really feel. I do not judge people by raise, religion or sexual interest but I do judge people that try to be someone else. I am open minded and friends and family say I’m a nice non-complicated person as long as people don’t step on my heart or try to make my life miserable. If they do I can be very hateful.

For as long as I can remember, creativity has always been a way for me to express myself. I think my hands and creative mind are the best tools given to me (thanks mom and dad ♥️). When I was a little kid I always thought about being a hairdresser, so when I grew up I got all diplomas needed and became one. I’ve never worked in a hair studio but I did work in our family company that my dad started in 1962. It was an import and export company for aryls and satellite dishes for radio – TV and the internet.Cuddle

I am a mom of 2 boys KevinBo. Both gorgeous kids with a bit too much of a temper ?. Besides being a mom and hairdresser I also love everything about photography. I’ve never taken any classes for it and I hardly ever read tutorials. I love making my own textures and I intent to learn more about it along the way. I never paint or draw anything on paper but since I’ve learned a bit about PS and PSP I’m always playing with my pictures and digital works.

About my work.

Purchase. Most of my work is available on prints, if you’ re interested feel free to contact me.

Equipment. Camera’s: Nikon D7500 / Nikon D300 Lenses: A little side note many of my macro’s are made with lensbaby lenses or the primoplan vintage lens, both are manual lensens. The lensbaby is a lens that you need to pull or press and try very hard to make something in the picture actually look sharp. That’s why some pictures may look blurry but are still pretty because of the colors or magical bokeh these lensens create ❤︎.

Sigma 50 mm - Click for examples.
Primoplan - Click for examples.
Lensbaby sweet - Click for examples.
Lensbaby 2.0 - Click for examples.
Lensbaby soft focus - Click for examples.
Sigma 10-20 mm - Click for examples.
Nikkor 18-200 mm - Click for examples.
Nikkor 70-200 - Click for examples.

My love for photography and creating my own art just started out as a hobby, below are a few things I’m really proud of.

Working on an exposition.
Collaboration with the very talented taxidermy artist Maartje from echo taxidermy!!
Published in Herenhuis magazine.
Published in Eindhovens Dagblad.
Published in Daily Mail online.
Published in Zoom magazine.
Published in Focus magazine.
Published in Fam magazine.
Exposition Gloss-n-Rust.
Impression including 5 of my works.
Featured in art gallery de kunstkeuken .
My photography in a print store.
Featured DD (daily deviation) at Deviantart.


Q: Why do all your images have a © watermark?

A: To try and protect them from being copied by others. My works has been stolen several times. Even worse, my work has been sold by others so please try and understand my reasons for this.

Q: What do you want to accomplish with your photography and art?

A: Nothing at all, it’s just a hobby that got a little out of hand. But I did accomplish a couple of things I’m really proud of.

Q: Where do you find all those urbex locations?

A: Google, google, google and help from a great team.

Q: I also want to go to some urbex locations can you help me find them?

A: No, I’m sorry but I do not share locations or information.

Q: Can I buy the exclusive rights for your work(s)?

A: Yes, if you make a serious offer. I do however stay the copyright holder of the work at all times.

Q: Do you do commission works?

A: Yes, you can find some here. Feel free to contact me if you have a serious request.

Q: Will you design a CD cover for me?

A: Yes but only if your willing to pay. Yes I know how hard it is for musicians that are working hard. Try being a photographer… I’ll bet it’s worse. Feel free to contact me if you have a serious request.

Q: Can I use your art works/photography on my blog/website/signature/brushes/tubes and everything else I want to use it for?

A: If you can answer all following questions with yes, than please do. * Do you have a personal non profit website? * Did you give me credit for the art work on each page you’ve used it? * Did you include a link to and ©Angelique Brunas on the same page my work is displayed? * Are you sure you did not alter (recolor – crop – resize – added text – added brushes etc.) my images? * Are you sure you didn’t put them up for others to download as free images?

Q: Explain to me how you’ve made your, pictures and art work.

A: I couldn’t even if I wanted to. There are not just a few basic steps to take… it’s something different every time. My advise would be to surf around, get inspired by others, read tutorials but try to be original! It’s not a crime to get inspired by someone’s work but it is a crime to steal or copy it, that’s not something to be proud of. It’s your website… your art, people want to get to know you by visiting your site, they don’t want to see things or content they can find all over the www. You want your visitors to come back for more don’t you?¿?

Special thanks.

icon-heart  MOM AND †DAD: for being the sweetest people on earth! I can’t think of anything I couldn’t discuss with the two of you and both of you are such an example to me in so many ways. I truly hope that one day I can mean as much to my own kids than what the two of you mean to me. I love you with all my heart.

icon-heart  MODELS: to all the models (and animals) that posed for me in the past. I could have never accomplished anything without all of you.

icon-heart  VISITORS: thanks to all of you that kept visiting my domain through the years. It always gave me such joy to read your comments and notes. You’re the reason this place exists and is still alive today. Many of you always believed in me and helped me out in many ways in my on and off line life. Thanks to each and every one of you!!!

Disclaimer. Everything you see here is made by me unless otherwise stated. Therefore, every picture or digital art work is ©copyrighted to me Angelique Brunas. You may not take or copy any of these without my written permission! This domain is owned, maintained, and paid for by me. Please contact me if you’ve seen someone that stole and/or abused my work(s).