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Nature is gorgeous no matter what the circumstances are, every season has it’s charmes.

10 October 2019 / 🔎 MACRO

Fall is not my favorite season but I adore the mushrooms in all shapes and forms that time of the year. Pictures are from 2002 till now made with a macro lens, lensbaby lenses or primoplan vintage lens ❤︎.

24 August 2019 / 🌿 NATURE

I hate to get up when it’s still dark outside but I must admit I never regret I did when I come home to take a look at my pictures, after all this is the best time of the day for photography if you ask me.

20 October 2018 / 🔎 MACRO

Planet moss.

Water drops and dew have always been fascinating me. A variety of water drops on moss in this gallery. If you want to try this yourself my advice would be to keep trying different things and use manual settings on your camera. If you practice a lot you’ll learn what the best angle is, the best natural light and the best way to get a beautiful bokeh. Macro can be fun if you just have a little patience, good camera settings and light! Pictures in this gallery are from 2000 till now taken with a 50 mm macro lens, lensbaby lenses or the primoplan vintage lens ❤︎.

16 February 2018 / 🌿 NATURE
2 February 2018 / 🌿 NATURE
17 January 2018 / 🌿 NATURE

The fluffy ones.

I love animals especially cats!
For as long as I’ve been living on my own I’ve had cats. So yes, many pictures of them in this gallery. Animals are pure and adorable but really hard to photograph sometimes. Pictures are from 2000 till now.

4 January 2018 / 🔎 MACRO

My passion for photography and macro all started with taking pictures of flowers and foliage in every possible form, shape and color. I can spend hours looking for the real tiny ones. It’s impossible to post all of them on my website but I will add new ones every now and than. Pictures in this gallery are from 2000 till now. A little side note: 50% of the pictures in this gallery are made with lensbaby lenses or the primoplan vintage lens ❤︎.

28 November 2017 / 🌿 NATURE
15 July 2017 / 🌿 NATURE
7 June 2017 / 🔎 MACRO

Frogs, ladybugs, butterfly’s, spiders other insects and my personal favorite creatures: snails. Pictures are from 2002 till now and lenses I’ve used are the Sigma 50 mm, lensbaby lenses or the primoplan vintage lens ❤︎.

1 June 2017 / 🔎 MACRO


H2O water drops.

Drops made by nature and by myself. I love playing with my macro lens and just simple pure water. I prefer to use manual settings and manual focus on my camera to make these. Pictures are from 2002 till now and taken with a macro lens, lensbaby lenses or primoplan vintage lens ❤︎.

17 April 2017 / 🌿 NATURE
15 May 2016 / 🎨 DIGITAL

Sometimes the outcome of a picture is a surprise and something totally different than the original picture after they are layered with textures. You can find exclusive textures here.