20 March 2022 / 👥 PEOPLE
5 February 2022 / ☠︎ TAXIDERMIE

Please note that I could never hurt or kill an animal! What you’ll find on this page is a collection of memorialised items and my personal collection that is either found or donated to me. My interest started a very long time ago but I kept it asleep until my boys where old enough to deal with my passion for this. I want to thank the people that have put their trust in me to work with their lost loved ones and beloved pets, I feel honoured to have helped you memorialise these in a special way.

24 January 2022 / 📌 URBEX

Abandoned castles, villa’s, houses and farms, I think I love to explore and photograph these the most. I always ask myself why places are left behind like this. Sometimes my questions get answered when I’m exploring these places, sometimes a lot of information can be found on the web and many times it’s a  just a mystery…

23 January 2022 / 📌 URBEX

Churches, chapels and monasteries… I do not believe in a god but some of these decayed places really do look and feel like some kind of heaven to me 🙂

23 January 2022 / 📌 URBEX

Hospitals, doctors, dentists and care homes… not my most favourite places to visit except when they are abandoned!

22 January 2022 / 📌 URBEX
22 January 2022 / 📌 URBEX
21 January 2022 / 📌 URBEX
20 January 2022 / 📌 URBEX
19 January 2022 / 📌 URBEX
15 January 2022 / 📌 URBEX
4 July 2021 / 🌿 NATURE

Winter, spring, summer, fall, sunsets, sunrise, seascapes, foggy mornings… most of these pictures are made very early in the morning for the best result.

1 December 2020 / 🌿 NATURE

The fluffy ones.

I love animals especially cats!
For as long as I’ve been living on my own I’ve had cats. So yes, many pictures of them in this gallery. Also a few commission shoots and not to forget pictures taken at the zoo. Animals are pure and adorable but really hard to photograph sometimes. Pictures are from 2000 till now.

20 October 2019 / 🔍 MACRO

H2O water drops.

Drops made by nature and by myself captured with my macro lens and just simple pure water. I prefer to use manual settings and manual focus on my camera to make these. Pictures are from 2002 till now and taken with a macro lens, lensbaby lenses or primoplan vintage lens ❤︎.

15 June 2018 / 🖥 DIGITAL
13 May 2018 / 📌 URBEX
16 February 2018 / 📌 URBEX

Guess what… I love old decayed buildings 😛 I’m always searching for history about the places I’ve visited and sometimes there is a lot to learn behind all these lovely buildings. People have asked me more than once what the stories behind these places are. I wish I could post it all out in public but unfortunately that is not an option! A lot of things changed ever since I’ve started with this hobby. A few years ago we could spend hours, days, weeks and sometimes even months to find a location. Nowadays you have less than a week before it’s completely trashed, smashed, stolen from and locked. Some of the people that are responsible for this also name themselves urbexers but they are not. They are the reason why I do not post information or history about the locations I’ve visited. I do however think I’ve found a way to try and let you see what it looked like in the glory days and what it looks like now.

28 January 2018 / 📌 URBEX