Flower power

Flower power


My passion for photography and macro all started with taking pictures of flowers in every possible form, shape and color. I can spend hours in the garden looking for the real tiny ones. It’s impossible to post all of them on my website but I will add new ones every now and than. All pictures are from 2000 till now. Lenses I’ve used are: Sigma 50 mm (1:2.8) + Nikkor 60 mm (1:2.8) + Primoplan + Lensbaby. I prefer to use natural light, no flash. I spice up the colors of my pictures using photoshop. A little side note: 30% of the pictures in this gallery are made with a lensbaby or primoplan vintage lens, both are manual lensens. The lensbaby is a lens that you need to pull or press and try very hard to make something in the picture actually look sharp. That’s why some pictures may not be sharp and crisp like my other macro’s but still pretty because of the colors or magical bokeh these lensens create ❤︎.


Textured pictures.

Textures and layers to spice up your pictures can be found here.


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