Return of the king

Urbex report Return of the king.


  1. I’m particularly interested in this case. I wonder what happened and why. It seems to have been burned down (scorch marks). When did it happen and what started it. Why did they (whoever was/is the owners) not rebuild it?
    This place certainly have lots of potential.

  2. Hi Angelique, I just found your report about this burnt castle.

    After my visit early 2015, I did some research and this is what I found: the castle was built in 1860 by a wealthy noble belgian family. In 1932, it was sold to a baron. This can be proved by the crown over the fireplace behind the main door, which bears seven spikes. Seven spikes stands for the title of baron in belgium heraldry.

    In the 1980s, it was sold again to a diamond merchant from Antwerpen. In the early 1990s, he spent a lot of money for renovation of the building. In December 1993, just two weeks after the renovation works were finished, a fire broke out that destroyed the whole castle. As the heat of the fire weakened the remaining structure too much, it’s impossible to rebuild it.

    That’s the story so far. Feel free to drop me a message on FB for some urbex talk πŸ™‚

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