Category: 🎨 DIGITAL

I love creating digital dreams. Manipulating pictures and combining pictures together makes it possible for me to tell a story… It took me hours, sometimes days manipulating just one work.

20 January 2018 / 🎨 DIGITAL

Manipulating pictures and combining them together makes it possible for me to tell a story… It took me hours, sometimes days, even weeks manipulating one image. I must admit I do not have the patience nor the time to do this anymore. Maybe I will pick this up again in the future.

15 May 2016 / 🎨 DIGITAL

Sometimes the outcome of a picture is a surprise and something totally different than the original picture after they are layered with textures. You can find exclusive textures here.

16 February 2005 / 🎨 DIGITAL
8 February 2005 / 🎨 DIGITAL

Exclusive TTV (through the viewfinder) layers. Use them as layers for your pictures or simply as a background for digital art works.