Chateau des faisans

Urbex report Chateau Des Faisans aka De Dome. We’ve had to climb a little, search Β a little, crawl a little, curse a little but finally found a way in thanks to Ian and Andy. It was so nice to meet you! Some of you might recognise this beautiful chateau from the serie: Lupin.
Then & now.

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  1. Melissa beltran
    7 October 2015

    realllllly nice pictures!
    I have a question. I’m from Montreal, Quebec and i am planing to trip to France in a month. I’ll be verry interessed to visit this castle. I’ve been searching the location of it, but wothout any success. I know urbex photographer dont often give their secret spots. I’m taking a chance, if you could help me up a bit. Thx again

    • Angelique
      10 October 2015

      Hi Melissa πŸ™‚
      France is beautiful and so are the locations there.
      I’m sorry to say that I’m also the kind of explorer that doesn’t give away locations. Google is your best friend, you will be amazed what you can find if you really give it a try πŸ˜‰
      Good luck!!

      • Merlin.dno
        10 May 2021

        Could you give me juste one clue pls

  2. Merlin.dno
    10 May 2021

    So you finded this castle on google ?

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