Please note that I could never hurt or kill an animal! What you’ll find on this page is a collection of memorialised items and my personal collection that is either found or donated to me. My interest started a very long time ago but I kept it asleep until my boys where old enough to deal with my passion for this. I want to thank the people that have put their trust in me to work with their lost loved ones and beloved pets, I feel honoured to have helped you memorialise these in a special way.

Some people will see the beauty in this but I do understand this post is not for everyone, however any negative comments will be deleted out of respect. A second chance and a forever life since nature or traffic was so merciless… Feel free to contact me if you have a special request, I would be happy to help you. I’m not shocked easily so don’t think it’s weird or strange, it isn’t! This is what I love to do most since I know how hard it is to loose someone you love and hoe it feels to loose a beloved pet. The possibilities are endless…

Memorialised pets. Random memorial pieces made for pet owners to keep their pets close.   Hair and ashes in piramides for dogs Spike and Tigo.   Hair in a glow in the dark heart for cats Lady ♀︎ & Quinty ♂︎   Hair in a bottle, pyramide and heart. Cleaned bones, a preserved heart and a paw print with chip from 14 year old dog Droppie ♀︎  

? year old cat Kitty ♀︎ Foster cat Kitty, that came to me in 2010 and passed away in 2018 when she was hit by a car. After cleaning her bones I’ve found 2 really small white little balls and 1 black one all smaller than 2 mm. I still have no clue what these are.


23 year old cat Gizmo ♂︎ After 5 years I dug up Gizmo, no parts where missing. Do not be shocked about Gizmo’s weird color, he was buried in a basket with a bordeaux towel.


19 year cat Noëlla ♂︎ I dug op Noëlla after 10 years, most bones and his skull where gone.

  4 year old chameleo calyptratus Jamie ♂︎   8 year old ferrets Bikkel ♂︎ & 7 year old Josje ♀︎  

12 year old dogs Bruut & 6 year old Boy both boxers. When you gave your pets a resting place in your garden and years later you sell your house and don’t want to leave them behind… Boy was buried in 1998 and Bruut in 2004.


Taxidermy. Most of the ones below are sold but I can make new ones that look almost similar, feel free to ask me I will be happy to help you out.

  Insects & scorpions. Some insects are decorated with antique steampunk (clock) parts and gemstones.  
Skull & bone cleaning.  
My own personal collection.

A small part of my own personal collection that is not for sale. Some where donated to me by breeders, others where roadkill victems found by myself or people who gave them to me and some items are bought.

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  1. Cool!!!! Love it. One thing’s for sure: it’ll be fabulous, cause it’s your”thing”. ❤️ Looking forward to all the great stuff you’re going to post.

    • Angelique
      21 June 2020

      Thanks sweetie!! Happy to hear you like it.
      You’ re still my partner in crime, nothing will ever change that 😉

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