Winter 2017

Winter wonderland.

❄️ Dec 11, 2017 – Winter blues.


❄️ Feb 19, 2017 – Foggy fog.


❄️ Feb 16, 2017 – Lake.


❄️ Jan 22, 2017 – Park Meerland.
A cold but beautiful sunny day. There where more people thinking the same about that, there where loads of ice-skaters so we’ve had to wait a bit.


❄️ Jan 20, 2017 – Winter bridge het Vinne.
I’ve found this cute little house at the end of aΒ bridge in the water last year. I wanne go back when there is more snow.


❄️ Jan 16, 2017 – Lonely tree.
I pass this lonely tree a few times a day and see it’s beauty in every season. The winter colors made it perfect.


❄️ Jan 09, 2017 – First snow.
Dressed in a few layers of clothes to take some pictures of the first snow.


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