Urbex report Chateau de la chapelle.

Ron would show us how to do this. There where 2 ways to get to the other side, there was this big tree that seemed to have been fallen over a lot of cold dirty water, since we had no clue how deep the water actually was we thought to try another way, it would be no good for our cameras if we would fall into the dirty water. So we walked and walked and (thought we) found a better and easier way. Yes it looked like it was dry with all the leaves but believe me it wasn’t! Ron is not wearing boots in the facebook screenshot it’s dirt whaha. Good part is that both Yvonne and I did make it to the other side without getting wet or dirty.


#angeliquebrunas #urbex

Een foto die is geplaatst door Angelique Brunas (@angeliquebrunas) op

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