My interest for this started a very long time ago but I kept it asleep until my boys where old enough to deal with moms strange passion for this. I want to thank the people that have put their trust in me to work with their beloved pets, I feel honored and happy to have helped you memorialise your pets in a special way. Some people will see the beauty in this but I  do understand this post is not for everyone, however any negative comments will be deleted out of respect for the owners and their pets ??. 

Please note that I could never hurt or kill an animal! What you find on this page is a collection of memorialised pets and my personal collection that is either found or donated to me by breeders and died a natural cruelty free death. What I’m trying to do is to give these angels some kind of forever life since nature or trafic was so merciless to them… I want to prevent them from rotting away somewhere. Feel free to contact me if you have a special request.


Memorialised pets.

People that are close to me know I’m a huge cat lover! When my own cats died I’ve buried them in moms garden, I always knew I would not leave them there. I’m happy to have my beloved pets home again. 

? year old Kitty ♀︎ (cat)
My foster cat Kitty, that came to me in 2010 and passed away in 2018 when she was hit by a car. After cleaning her bones I’ve found 2 really small white little balls and 1 black one all smaller than 2 mm. I still have no clue what these are.

23 year old Gizmo ♂︎ (cat)
After 5 years I dug up Gizmo, no parts where missing. Do not be shocked about Gizmo’s weird color, he was buried in a basket with a bordeaux towel.

19 year Noëlla ♂︎ (cat)
I dug op Noëlla after 10 years, most bones and his skull where gone.

4 year old Jamie ♂︎(chameleo calyptratus) 

8 year old Bikkel ♂︎(ferret)

7 year old Josje ♀︎ (ferret)


My own personal collection.

Donated to me by breeders, roadkill found by myself or people who gave them to me. 


Skull & bone cleaning.

Owl pallets.

Badger ♂︎ – roadkill

Wild boar.

Fox ♀︎



Insects & scorpions.



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