My interest for this started a very long time ago but I kept it asleep untill my boys where old enough to deal with moms passion for this 😉. I want to thank the people that have put their trust in me to work with their beloved pets, I feel honored and happy to have helped you memorialize your pets in a special way. 
Some people will see the beauty in this but I  do understand this post is not for everyone, any negative comments will be deleted out of respect for the owners and their pets 🙏🏻. 

Please note that I could never hurt or kill an animal! What you find on this page is a collection of memorialized pets and my personal collection that is either found or donated to me and died a natural cruelty free death. What I’m trying to do is to give these cuties some kind of forever life since nature was so merciless to them… I want to prevent them from rotting away somewhere. Feel free to contact me if you want your pet to be memorialised.


Memorialised pets.

People that are close to me know I’m a huge cat lover! When my own cats died I’ve buried them in moms garden. I always knew I would not leave them there. I dug op Noëlla after 10 years, most bones and his skull where gone. After 5 years I dug up Gizmo, no parts where missing. Do not be shocked about Gizmo’s weird color, he was buried in a basket with a bordeaux towel.

23 year old Gizmo ♂︎

19 year Noëlla ♂︎


4 year old Jamie ♂︎(chameleo calyptratus) 


8 year old Bikkel ♂︎(ferret)

7 year old Josje ♀︎ (ferret)


My own personal collection.

Baby kittens – died shortly after being born.


Fetal deers -♂︎ ♀︎


Wallaby ♀︎


Rat, mouses and mouse fetus.


Skull & bone cleaning.

Owl pallets.


Badger ♂︎ – roadkill


Wild boar.


Fox ♀︎


Various stuff.



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