Planet moss

Planet moss

Planet moss.

Water drops and dew have always been fascinating me. What you’ll find in this gallery is a variety of h2o on moss. I do apologize for this addiction, I just can’t get enough. I mostly use manual settings and focus on my camera. If you want to try this yourself my advice would be to keep trying different things and settings on your camera. If you practice a lot you learn what the best angle is, the best natural light, the best way to get a beautiful bokeh or the best DOF. Macro can be magic if you just have a little patience, good camera settings and light! Pictures are from 2000 till now. Lenses I’ve used are: Sigma 50 mm (1:2.8) + Nikkor 60 mm (1:2.8) + Primoplan 58 + Lensbaby.


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