Waiting for sunrise

Trying to capture the sunrise without any luck but am I glad I’ve tried! I’m happy with how some of my pictures turned out.

โ˜€๏ธย Sept 28, 2016 – Misty morning.
6:30 An early walk in the misty morning to capture sunrise with my son and Yvonne.

Couldn’t resist making one with a texture.ย Made with: Watercolors and Framed.


โ˜€๏ธย Sept 26, 2016 – Purple glory.
I’m almost starting to like myย early morning walks and seeing nature waking up toย a new day. These past few weeks I’ve been up early to try and capture the sunrise, still no luck with the sun so far but at least there finally was a tiny bit of mist.

Note to self: Take macro lens more often!!


โ˜€๏ธย Sep 24, 2016 – Rise and shine.
De Vlasroot, noย sunย better luck next time.


โ˜€๏ธย Sep 11, 2016 – Waiting for the sun.
De Vlasroot, 06:30 no sun to rise but still pretty amazing.

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